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The Cooperative Bank of Drama started its operation in 1994 as a Credit Cooperative with the name “COOPERATIVE BANK OF DRAMA, SYN.P.E.” and the distinctive title “MACEDONIKI PISTI”.

In 1999 and after obtaining the operating license of a Credit Institution, in the form of a credit cooperative of Law 1667/1986, with a decision of the Banking and Credit Affairs Committee of the Bank of Greece, the Bank started operating under the name “COOPERATIVE BANK OF DRAMA, SYN. P.E., which continues uninterruptedly and successfully until today.

It was created by the needs of the local community for a new concept Bank with flexibility, direct participation in decisions and a commitment to transparency as key components.

The Cooperative Bank of Drama announced the merger with the Cooperative Bank of N. Evros, by absorbing the second from the first, following the implementation of decisions of their General Meetings, as well as the relevant post in the General Commercial Register, which ratified the merger.

From January 1, 2019, the customers of the Cooperative Bank of Evros continue to be served normally by the Evros Network without interruption. The same goes for e-banking services.

The process of operational merger is being implemented at a very satisfactory pace, while the Bank plans to integrate the systems of the two networks into a single IT systems environment as soon as possible.

The merger maximizes the benefits for our unified Cooperative and creates strong conditions and important opportunities for the future development of operations and the overall and better service of our partners.